The Fabricks Acoustic Brick range comprises of super acoustic bricks made from acoustic foam and wool fabric, designed to look fabulous, divide space and reduce noise.

They are quickly configured and reconfigured, offering the flexibility to change spaces in the modern open plan workplace by creating walls for meeting spaces and individual work areas.

With great acoustic credentials, Fabricks Acoustic Brick combats the increased noise levels and visual distractions that lead to reduced productivity.

Fabricks Acoustic Brick is a modular system of extremely light weight bricks, a simple steel base and extruded aluminium posts; easy to specify and easy to build and the extruded aluminium posts also accommodate power and data cables and can be combined retrospectively to alter the height of walls. Walls can be created with traditional 2D flat face bricks, or 3D sculptured face, Chunk or Stripe bricks offering beautiful textured finishes.