Fence Elements Booth range is a collection of single user booths, offering a degree of privacy for focussed work, study or touch-down, providing an ideal solution for breakout areas, training or study environments, and reception areas.

The range comprises two models, both 1220mm wide x 810mm deep, with an integral work surface mounted at either 720mm or 1020mm.

For creation of longer configurations, an add-on module is available, which shares one of the side panels of the main booth.

Booth configurations can be extended almost indefinitely, with the addition of an appropriate number of add-on booths, which have the same configuration options, with work surfaces mounted at 720mm or 1020mm.

Overall height and depth of the booths remains the same, no matter which work surface height is selected, so longer runs can include booths with work surfaces set at both heights.

Fence Elements Booth with work surface at 720mm are intended for use with standard chairs, whilst booths with the surface at 1020mm are suitable for use whilst standing, or when sitting on a high stool.

Upholstery choices for the panels are extensive, and can include two-tone options if required.

A choice of four finishes for the work surface allows them blend with most decor.

If required, a compact power and USB charging module can be added, to provide power and charging for most portable devices.

Other products in the Fence family include: Fence Booth, Fence Soft Seating, Fence Media Booth, Fence Lounge Seating and Fence Personal Pod

FN-72,FN-72/EB,FN-102, FN-102/EB,