Fence Soft Seating is a range of low and high back armchairs and sofas, that provide comfortable seating with clean lines.

The range includes one, two and three seater sofa’s, a five person ‘L’-shape, and an eight person ‘U’-shape.

The high back versions feature integral panels which create an element of visual and acoustic seclusion from the surrounding workplace, creating a space to focus, or collaborate with colleagues.

Each model features comfortable upholstered seating on tubular steel legs in satin silver, which can alternatively be specified in black or chrome finish.

An optional upgrade to stylish wooden legs in beech or walnut finish is also available.

If required, Fence Soft Seating can be specified with power modules integrated within the vertical furniture panels, with options including Phase Power Module, Pixel Power Module or Proton Power Module.

For ease of delivery and installation, the modules are supplied in component form, in units sizes that will fit within a standard passenger lift.

Other products in the Fence family include: Fence Lounge Seating, Fence Media Booth , Fence Elements and Fence Personal Pod.

FN-01, FN-02, FN-03, FN-11, FN-12, FN-13, FN-22, FN-24, FN-26, FN-35, FN-45, FN-58, FN-68,