Fifteen Diner Units and Fifteen Pods Units form a modular range of seating booths, with a variety of component parts, offering seating for one to six people.
The range includes low back and high back units, which can incorporate an integral side screen and table, if required.

Fifteen Diner Units also have two media options, Fifteen Media Booth, which are designed for meeting areas where presentations, power or internet access are required (available in 4 and 6 seat units with a table and various power and data options).

This range is ideal for creating an enclosed meeting area, or collaboration space, which affords the users a degree of privacy, whilst adding style to the workplace.

15-E-20, 15-E-21, 15-E-40, 15-E-41, 15-E-60, 15-E-61, 15-E-P11, 15-E-P12, 15-E-P22, 15-E-P24, 15-E-1T, 15-E-2T, 15-E-3T, 15-E-1B