Fifteen High Back Soft Seating, is a modular range, with a wide variety of component options.

It is available in straight, concave or convex units, seating one to four people.

Fifteen High Back Soft Seating is ideal for creating an enclosed meeting area, with a degree of privacy.

Upholstery options are numerous, including single and dual tone.

Other seating options in the Fifteen family include Fifteen Radial Soft Seating, Fifteen Diner Units and Fifteen Media Booth.

15-11, 15-21, 15-31, Left Arm Code (15-LB-LA), Right Arm Code (15-LB-RA), 15-22-CC, 15-42-CC, Left Arm Code (15-HB-LA), Right Arm Code (15-HB-RA), 15-22-CC-AR, 15-42-CC-AR, 15-11-CR, 15-12-CR, 15T-68-68-WL, 15T-12-60-WL, 15T-18-75-WL