Fifteen High Back Soft Seating is a range of sofas with high and low backs, seating from one to four people.

It is available in straight or concave units, which can be used individually, or combined in groups to create larger configurations in rows, or positioned face to face to create booths.

A 90 degree corner unit is also available, in high and low back version, which when combined with matching straight modules, can create an attractive corner seating area.

Complementary coffee tables are also available, which are designed to work with both straight and concave configurations.

Upholstery fabric choices are extensive, and include the option to specify two-tone upholstery if required.

Other seating options in the Fifteen family include Fifteen Radial Soft Seating, Fifteen Diner Units and Fifteen Media Booth.

15-11, 15-21, 15-31, 15-LB-LA, 15-LB-RA, 15-22-CC, 15-42-CC, 15-HB-LA, 15-HB-RA, 15-22-CC-AR, 15-42-CC-AR, 15-11-CR, 15-12-CR, 15T-68-68-WL, 15T-12-60-WL, 15T-18-75-WL