The Flat Visitor & Meeting Chair is made from a thin, flat, flexible, and padded form, which is bent to obtain a unique shell.

The shell elements are held in place with special steel fixings which simultaneously create an attractive decoration.

The shell is suspended, almost floating, on an arc of black coated aluminum, connected to its base using the same material.

The Flat Visitor & Meeting Chair shell gives an appearance of lightness but also offers the highest level of seating comfort.

An added advantage to the Flat Visitor & Meeting Chair, is that shipping is easier since the chair can be shipped lying flat and can be easily assembled locally.

Less volume means less energy consumption and less cost to you and the environment.

This new chair design by Martin Ballendat is available in leather or fabric (Nordic or Harlequin).

Fl@t 923.01, Fl@t 923.11 , Fl@t 923.81