Flexi F2F Acoustic Pod range consists of Face-to-Face pods providing runs from two to ten individual workspaces, at heights of 1100mm or 1350mm.

Designed for the modern workplace and learning environments, perfect for creating individual work spaces allowing users to concentrate on the task at hand.

The range of beautifully designed acoustic screens provide great flexibility in creating your perfect working or learning environment.

Not only do they allow you to softly divide space but they also offer great functionality, whether you are looking to create breakout, meeting, collaborative space or hot desks areas.

With varying heights, shapes, colours and almost countless configurations.

The Flexi F2F Acoustic Pod works well together or as individuals and is the right choice for any project.

Other products in the Flexi range include: Flexi Hood Desk, Flexi Focus Acoustic Pod
F2F01 1100,F2F02 1100,F2F03 1100,F2F04 1100,F2F05 1100,F2F01 1350,F2F02 1350,F2F03 1350,F2F04 1350,F2F05 1350,