Flexi Focus Acoustic Pod is ideal for workplace and learning environments, to create individual work spaces, providing a degree of acoustic isolation, thereby allowing users to concentrate on the task in hand.

The pods are single sided, and range in width from one to five compartments, with the low version having panels of 1100mm high, while the high version has panels of 1350mm high.

Each pod is fully upholstered in a choice of fabrics, with an optional contrasting edge colour.

Every Flexi Focus Acoustic Pod incorporates an integral work surface of 650mm deep, complete with cable access in the rear edge.

The booths provide great flexibility, and can be used individually, in short rows, or combined in longer runs to create rows of any size, making them suitable for call centres, educational environments, and similar locations with high user density.

Other products in the Flexi range include: Flexi Hood Desk, Flexi SQU Pods and Flexi F2F Acoustic Pod (The Face-to-Face version of the Flexi Focus Acoustic Pod)

FF01 1100, FF02 1100, FF03 1100, FF04 1100, FF05 1100, FF01 1350, FF02 1350, FF03 1350, FF04 1350, FF05 1350,