Flo Modular Monitor Arm is mounted on a standard Wishbone Post, which provides enhanced flexibility, allowing it to evolve as the users needs change.

When additional screens are required, a single arm set-up can be transformed to a dual monitor arm configuration by simply adding additional components, rather than completely replacing the original equipment.

Similarly, it is possible to increase the configuration range from 2-4 screens or from 3-6 screens by simply adding a post extension and second tier to the existing specification.

It can provide a multi-screen solution with arms mounted on the same post, whilst maintaining horizontal alignment, without the need for a separate adapters.

Using the Wishbone Post as a base on which to mount Flo Modular arms provides a greater range of achievable monitor heights, which can be ideal for situations where there is a greater distance between the desk surface and the monitor, such as with standing terminals or workstations.

Flo Modular Monitor Arm can each support screens of 3-9kg.

A similar alternate product from this manufacturer is the Wishbone Monitor Arm.

DYN/013/007, UNI/LCLM38, UNI/TAC/001, UNI/SMC/001, LAP/001, LAP/011, WSH/PST100/EK, WSH/PST200/K, WSH/PST300/K, WSH/PST400/K, WSH/PST500/K, WSH/PST700/K, WSH/XSTD