Flo Monitor Arm has superior performance, offering a range and ease of adjustment that sets it apart from similar screen supports.

The quick and easy adjustment is achieved using Flo Spring Technology, which allows the screen to be smoothly repositioned by the user, with just a fingertip touch, requiring minimum effort.

The D-Ring head provides exceptional flexibility, enabling a 40 degree tilt both upwards and downwards, from the vertical position. It also rotates 90 degrees to the left or right, from the straight-ahead position.

This flexibility is ideally suited to traditional monitors or touchscreens, with the added advantage that users can easily swivel their screen to share information with colleagues, when working on collaborative tasks or projects.

>> Download the Flo Monitor Arm Brochure

DYN/013/010, DYN/013/AS09, DYN/013/AS11, DYN/013/C25, DYN/013/C27, DYN/013/C38, DYN/013/AS18, LAP/001, LAP/011, DYN/013/004, DYN/013/005, DYN/013.DCC,