The Flo Monitor Arm has a unique design and ease of movement, which sets it apart from all other monitor arms.

This ease of operation is achieved by the use of Flo Spring Technology, with the Flo Monitor Arm having four pending-patents that are unique to its design.

Flo Monitor Arm is available in silver, white and black.

Winner of the red dot award for product design and Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, the Flo Monitor Arm effortlessly combines sleek aesthetics with excellent functionality.

DYN/013/010, DYN/013/AS09, DYN/013/AS11, DYN/013/C25, DYN/013/C27, DYN/013/C38, DYN/013/AS18, LAP/001, LAP/011, DYN/013/004, DYN/013/005