Fold Ergonomic Desk Mat creates a large, cushioned work surface, adding comfort for the user, and providing a degree of protection for the users desk, avoiding damage from spills, scratches, scuffs, and stains, including day-to-day wear and tear from the use of keyboards and mice.

A padded desk mat can be particularly useful when placed over joints in tops on bench desks, creating a continuous space on the desk, with a smooth, slightly textured, water-resistant surface, which also minimises reflected glare, for greater user comfort.

The underside of the desk pad features a non-slip finish to ensure secure placement on all work surfaces, and for further stability, the mat also has a 20mm deep lip along one long edge, which ensures it remains in position.

The cushioned surface of the desk mat also provides a slight reduction in noise generated by the use of a keyboard, as it dampens some of the sound and vibrations, which would otherwise be conducted to the desktop.

Constructed in 5mm thick, heavy gauge black polyurethane, (PU), the standard size desk mat with lip measures 625 x 465mm, providing a generous work area, but if you need a larger space, the large desk mat is also available, measuring 900 x 500mm.

For added functionality, the padded desk mat is impregnated during the moulding process, with a non-toxic, antibacterial additive, which is approved by the FDA and HSE.

The additive is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-skin sensitising, so is completely harmless to humans but deadly to bacteria and bugs, thereby minimising the risk of transmission between users, and making the desk mats ideal for hot desking or smart working environments, where numerous people may share a single workstation.

Please note that due to the way the manufacturer packs and ships the desk mats, they must be ordered in multiples of five mats. (5, 10, 15, 20 etc).