FourPeople Panels are floor standing screens in a range of heights and widths, which allow any open-plan office to change the look and feel of the space in an instant.

Choose from fabric covers with acoustic filling for full privacy or opt for a webbing finish that offers a degree of visual privacy but still keeps you connected to the space around you.

The FourPeople Panels range has been designed as a complete system for modern offices, supporting differing work styles and allows the user to make choices that optimise well-being, performance and the ability to collaborate.

For a complete and complementary solution, team FourPeople Panels with FourPeople Hut and FourPeople Modules.

FP/PP/SA/1370/0700/BS, FP/PP/SA/1370/0900/BS, FP/PP/SA/1370/1400/BS, FP/PP/SA/1720/0700/BS, FP/PP/SA/1720/0900/BS, FP/PP/SA/1720/1400/BS, FP/PP/SA/1370/0700/U, FP/PP/SA/1370/0900/U, FP/PP/SA/1370/1400/U, FP/PP/SA/1720/0700/U, FP/PP/SA/1720/0900/U, FP/PP/SA/1720/1400/U,