Freedom Lite Sit Stand Desk allows for quick and easy desk height adjustment to ensure the optimum height is set for each user.

It uses electric height adjustable actuators that provide height adjustment of 710mm – 1210mm (including desk top,) and the system will accommodate rectangular desktops ranging in width from 1200mm up to 1800mm, and in depth from 600mm – 800mm.

The radial desk components allow the creation of desktop sizes from 1400mm – 1800mm and returns from 1200mm – 1600mm long.

Every model in the Freedom Lite Sit Stand Desk range is available with a white, black or silver frame, with a range of 17 board finishes and can be specified with an optional cable tray for simple and neat cable management.

Maximum load capacity is 120kg (evenly distributed).

Freedom Lite Sit Stand Desk can be specified with a range of accessories including desk screens, electric control switch, leg infill panels and power/data modules.

Another sit stand range that offers a back to back bench desk solution, take a look at the Freedom X Sit Stand Desk.

FLVDU126, FLVDU146, FLVDU166, FLVDU186, FLVDU128, FLVDU148, FLVDU168, FLVDU188, FLSPW1412, FLSPW1414, FLSPW1612, FLSPW1616, FLSPW1812, FLSPW1816, FLSPWT1412, FLSPWT1414, FLSPWT1612, FLSPWT1616, FLSPWT1812, FLSPWT1816, FRXCT10, FRXCT12, FRXCT14, FRXCT16, FRXCT18, FRXCT12CPU, FRXCT14CPU, FRXCT16CPU, FRXCT18CPU, FRXLCT10, FRXLCT12, FRXLCT14, FRXLCT16, FRXLCT18, FRXLCT-END, FRXLFCT10, FRXLFCT12, FRXLFCT14, FRXLFCT16, FRXLFCT18, FRXMCS, FRXLP, FRXMFCIP, FRXSIP, FRXCC, FRXMS, DLS1063, DLS1263, DLS1463, DLS1663, DLS1863, DLS1078, DLS1278, DLS1478, DLS1678, DLS1878, DKS1063, DKS1263, DKS1463, DKS1663, DKS1863, DKS1078, DKS1278, DKS1478, DKS1678, DKS1878, DT1S1057, DT1S1257, DT1S1457, DT1S1657, DT1S1857, DT1S1072, DT1S1272, DT1S1472, DT1S1672, DT1S1872, DH351057, DH351257, DH351457, DH351657, DH351857, DH351072, DH351272, DH351472, DH351672, DH351872,