Funghi Stool range consists of two low stools with padded upholstered seats and bases, offered with a choice of two width and two height options.

The base of the stool is part upholstered and part plastic – the colour of the plastic under the seat is white, black or grey.

This product has been discontinued. For alternative ranges please see Grow Cork Stool or Dolly Stool.

This light and portable stool takes inspiration from the shape of a mushroom, providing a creative seating solution for informal office spaces.

The Funghi Stool comes with a choice in the size of the cap (400mm or 500mm wide) and the stem (500mm or 540mm high).

Optional felt glides (GM) are available, for hard floors.

FUNGHI-N1 40/50, FUNGHI-N0 40/50, FUNGHI-N2 40/50, FUNGHI-N1 50/46, FUNGHI-N0 50/46, FUNGHI-N2 50/46