GD10 Dining Tables are a modern alternative to conventional dining or workplace furniture, being also very well suited to breakout areas, meeting rooms or shared workspaces.

The tables can be fitted with shelving, storage, cable management, service modules, lighting and power solutions.

GD10 tables have wide tops supported by a sturdy Oak frame, available in 7 lengths and 2 depths, allowing you to customise your workspace to suit you needs.

An optional Light Bar is available, with an aluminium cased LED strip light fitted through the table top suitable for day and night-time use, creating a contemporary flourish to conventional lounge or collaborative seating.

GD10 Dining Tables can be supplied with Canopy, which allows you to add hanging lights with optional power sockets and charging modules to create an away-from-desk area or increase employee productivity by adding plants to the shelves to form a comforting environment.

Bench seats to perfectly complement the dining height tables are also available in a range of sizes and if you prefer seating with upholstered seat pads take a look at the GD2 Stools range.

A poseur height version in the GD10 range is also available GD10 Poseur Tables.

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