Gemini Privacy Screen is the perfect solution for quickly dividing a space within the office environment.

As the name suggests, Gemini Privacy Screen is typically supplied as a duo, but with the flexibility to add additional screens to the run with it’s simple zip linking system, allowing you to truly define the space.

Boasting a pinnable finish alongside the flexibility to position at any angle, Gemini Privacy Screen can create anything from a semi private meeting area to a display stand in a matter of minutes.

The screens are available upholstered in a wide variety of fabrics and are offered with a dual tone option.

Gemini Privacy Screen can be set up as a duo, trio or quad, which work as a self supported system.

Available in four dedicated sizes, and additional screens can be zipped together to make longer runs.

Team Gemini Privacy Screens with Lily Breakout Stool to make a secluded space for informal team meetings.

GD/12.08FS, GT/12.08FS, GQ/12.08FS,  GD/12.12FS, GT/12.12FS, GQ/12.12FS,  GD/16.08FS,  GT/16.08FS, GQ/16.08FS, GD/16.12FS,  GT/16.12FS,  GQ/16.12FS, , GS/12.08FS, GS/12.12FS,  GS/16.08FS,  GS/16.12FS,