The single occupancy Gobi Study Pod provides quiet work areas that allow users to focus on specific tasks in an environment that minimises distractions caused by external noise.

These pods are cosy, ergonomically designed, and perfectly suited for their purpose.

Options include modules equipped for either permanently based equipment or mobile devices, or both, depending on your requirements.

The most popular Gobi Study Pod is of a two-tier height that works to create a protective cocoon around seated users and when standing, users are able to get a clear view of surrounding open plan areas.

These individual pods have a relatively small footprint, making them easy to place, and are also available in a slightly taller version, shaped like a phone booth, which has a roof plus perch points for users.

The taller Gobi Study Pods also have a useful integral light that is activated as the user approaches the booth.

Modern workspaces are essentially about people and are planned around their activities. The Mirage family of screens has been designed to take this into consideration, providing the necessary tools to zone spaces into different types of environments for users, enabling core, collaborative or privacy zones to be designated within open planned areas. Able to transform chaotic open plan spaces into an oasis of calm, where zones designed for privacy, for collaborative work, and for core activities function together seamlessly. Mirage uses high quality materials to create aesthetically pleasing modular pods for employees to work in.

Other products in the Mirage family include: Atacama Study Pod | Sonoran Work Pod | Colorado Meeting Pod | Karakum Meeting Pod | Sahara Meeting Pod.

MP20R-12, MP20L-12, MP21R-18, MP21L-18, MP40-12, MP40L-12, MP22-14, MP23-17