Gobi Study Pod provides a quiet work area that enables the user to focus on specific tasks, whilst minimising external distractions.

The pods are ergonomically designed and are ideally suited to focussed working within a busy open-plan environment.

Modules can be specified for either permanently situated IT equipment, or for use by agile workers who will bring their own portable devices.

The pods have a small footprint, making them easy to place within most environments.

Gobi Pods are available at three heights: 1112mm, 1384mm or 1794mm

The lowest height provides occupants with less seclusion from their surroundings, while pods at 1384mm high minimise distractions, but staff are still able to see over the screens when standing, to view the surrounding area.

Gobi Phone Pods available at a height of 2266mm, and include a roof panel, which incorporates an integral light, which illuminates as users approach the booth.

All booths feature an integral work surface finished in 25mm thick MFC.

A wide choice of upholstery fabrics is available for the booth panels, with the option to specify two-tone upholstery if required.

Other products in the Mirage family include: Atacama Study Pod | Sonoran Work Pod | Colorado Meeting Pod | Karakum Meeting Pod | Sahara Meeting Pod.

MP20R-12, MP20L-12, MP21R-18, MP21L-18, MP23-17