Harmony Power Module provides power, data, AV and USB charging, in an attractive desktop unit, which clamps to the desk edge.

It is a versatile power solution, specifically designed to meet the increasing needs for power and connectivity in a modern office.

The modules are constructed of extruded aluminium, with end trim and fascias in a choice of black, grey or white.

The power sockets feature integral fuses, which are fully compliant with current electrical regulations.

Harmony Power Modules can be used in conjunction with under desk modules, to provide an even more flexible choice of office power and data solutions.

Installation of Harmony Power Module is via fitment to the desk edge using the supplied ‘C’ clamps, making it fast and functional, yet non-intrusive to the desk surface.

Harmony Power Module can be specified with a wide choice of sockets, including power, (UK and international), data, AV and integrated USB fast charging.