Harp Zoning System enables the creation of defined spaces for working, collaboration, breakout, or relaxation.

The spaces can be located individually, or in linked, multi-zone formats, to create neighbourhoods, providing a wide range of settings and space division solutions.

Harp utilises a steel framework with bungee cords fitted vertically, to enable the separation of space, whilst maintaining vision through the office, and without the need to create a permanent wall structure.

The bungee cords are available in a choice of colours, which make a bold design statement, and provide an attractive contrast with the steel frames.

Harp Zoning System is available with a range of accessories including shelves, planters, media units and whiteboards, for enhanced functionality.

Harp_Cross, Harp_Cross_Cut_Out, Harp_Division, Harp_Focus, Harp_Socialise, Harp_Meeting, Harp_Lounge, Harp_Huddle, HRP/75/S24B, HRP/75/S25B, HRP/10/S24B, HRP/10/S26B, HRP/75/D24B, HRP/75/D26B, HRP/10/D24B, HRP/10/D26B, HRP/CN/S24B, HRP/CN/S65B, HRP/CN/S24B, HRP/CN/S26B, HRP/ED/S24B, HRP/ED/S25B, HRP/ED/S24B, HRP/ED/S26B, HRP/CRX/2400/BLK, HRP/CRX/2600/BLK, HRP/SHELV/75B, HRP/SHELV/10B, HRP/PLANT/0750, HRP/PLANT/1000, HRP/MEDIA/1000, HRP/WTBRD/750X1000, HRP/WTBRD/750X2000, HRP/WTBRD/1000X1000, HRP/WTBRD/1000X2000, HRP/WTBRD/1500X1000, HRP/WTBRD/2000X1000,