Hoozone Circular Pod has a standard footprint of 3000mm in diameter, and features an integral facilities arch, housing PIR operated LED strip lighting, and an optional air circulation system.

It has a softer aesthetic than other meeting pods, with its curved walls maintaining a natural flow.

The air circulation units are mounted on top of pod and are connected to the lighting system, which is operated by the PIR movement detector, located in the facilities arch.

Hoozone Circular Pod can be specified in a variety of glazed or upholstered panel finishes.

The booth is designed to encourage creativity, brainstorming and natural innovation, and provides the ultimate flexibility through design, footprint, finishes and accessory options.

We can provide a full installation or reconfiguration service, which will be undertaken by fully trained fitters.

Other products in the extensive Hoozone range include the Hoozone Micro Pod, Hoozone Greet Pod, Hoozone Meeting Pods and Hoozone Phone Booth.

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