Hoozone Micro Pod with double glazed or sound absorbing upholstered panels, creates a quiet and calm space for focused working or for use as a mini meeting room.

This compact work pod has a sliding door to reduce corridor space required and is available with or without an integrated desktop.

Features include a choice of panel finishes, an integral facilities arch housing the PIR operated LED strip lighting and air circulation systems, and an integrated ceiling cover as standard.

The pod has a wide range of optional accessories including power modules, remote control for dimmable lighting, monitor mounts, dry wipe panels, blinds and a glass manifestations.

Hoozone Micro Pod offers the ultimate flexibility through design, footprint, finishes and accessory options.

Other products In the Hoozone family includes the Hoozone Phone Booth, Hoozone Greet Pod, Hoozone Meeting Pods and Hoozone Circular Pod.


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