The Horizon Desktop Power And Data Module offers easily accessible power and data sockets on the desk top, which are concealed by a silver lid, when not in use.

The module fits flush into the desktop, with a smooth aesthetic finish. When required for use, spring-loaded buttons lock unit in position above desk surface. These are then pushed together to allow the unit to retract into its housing, below desk surface. The lid of the Horizon Desktop Power And Data Module retracts to allow access from both sides.

When the Horizon Power And Data Module is opened, it lifts and locks proud of the desk surface, which makes it ideal for use in boardrooms or conference tables.

It is available with a wide choice of sockets, including power, data, audio, and USB.

The Horizon Module can also be specified with international sockets, if required.

For a module with a more angular design and featuring USB 5A & A+C charging, take a look at the new Linear Power & Data Module.

96P044, 96P045, 96U122, 96U123, 96H066, 96H067, 96CP01, 96CP05, 96CP02, 96CP06, 96CP09