Hotbox 1 is a personal portable storage box and is ideal for transporting personal items between locations in a busy work environment.

It is the latest addition to the Hotbox family, and encourages agile working and staff mobility, whilst occupying the same desk space as a sheet of A4 paper, and being fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Hotbox 1, (which may also be known as HB1), features a single large compartment at the rear, which is ideal for storage of bulkier items such as notebooks or tablets, with three smaller compartments at the front, which are perfect for containing items such as stationery, office supplies, or even your coffee mug.

With five different colours to choose from and an easily accessible, open design, it makes quick transitions from office to office simple.

An essential item for moving between office spaces, Hotbox 1 is the perfect solution for transporting all the items you need to attend any impromptu meetings.

Add colour and vibrancy to the workplace, and create your own agile working environment with Hotbox 1.

Make anywhere and everywhere your personal workspace.

Other products in the Hotbox family include Hotbox O, HotBox 2 and Hotbox 3 Pro.