Hotbox O, (which was previously also known as Hotbox Origin), is a portable, personal storage box, which is easy to carry, practical and lockable.

It features two handles for safe and easy mobility. A top handle for carrying the Hotbox between locations, and a side handle for removing it from your locker with ease.

The internal flexible filing system allows you to suspend standard A4 hanging files. It also includes reconfigurable internal dividers, to segregate the interior storage space as the user desires.

The unique design allows the lid to retract down the back of the box, and out of sight, when the HotBox O is open and in use.

To ensure it is always close to hand, Hotbox O is designed to be suspended from desk mounted screens that are fitted with an appropriate toolbar. An optional support bracket is also available, which enables it to be clamped to the edge of most desks, for easy and immediate access.