Intro Soft Seating is a modular system which enables almost endless configuration possibilities.

The range includes benches, stools and chairs, with seating units for single or multiple users, with full, partial or no backrest.

Linking units of 45 degrees and 90 degrees assist in the forming of more complex layouts, whilst upholstered arm modules, with optional power and data, ensure that portable devices remain charged and connected.

Upholstery options are extensive, with two-tone finishes also available.

The stylish yet durable skid bases are supplied in satin silver as standard, but these can also be specified in black or chrome where needed.

INT300, INT304, INT320, INT301, INT321, INT322, INT305, INT323, INT324, INT302, INT303, INT306, INT307, INT308, INT309, INT310, INT330, INT331