Jaw CPU Holder features a sleek aluminium body, which securely clamps and supports the CPU below the desk top, whilst maintaining airflow to ventilation holes in the case.

Not only does this free up valuable space on the desk top, but it also supports the CPU off the floor, away from dusty floors and carpets.

This also keeps the CPU away from potential sources of impact damage, such as feet or vacuum cleaners.

When combined with one of the fitting kits shown below, the Jaw CPU Holder can be rotated 360 degrees for easy access to all connections.

The slide and rotate mount also enables the Jaw CPU Holder to be pushed further under the desk, or moved nearer to the front edge, to enhance user access.

For similar functionality at a lower cost, please see the Loop CPU Holder.

CPU/013, UNI/ROT, UNI/SR350, UNI/SR520