Joy Task Chair is deceptively simple, as a result of extensive ergonomic research.

It provides users with a level of comfort and performance which was previously unimaginable in this class of chair, and thanks to its unique form, contours and proportions, this remains the case, regardless of the body shape and size of the user.

Joy Task Chair includes features, which take it to an advanced level of performance and comfort for single users, but also making it suitable for larger shared installations where individualisation is key.

With factors such as serviceability and ease of disassembly as standard, Joy Task Chair is designed to be environmentally smart, with increased recycled content of major plastic parts, significantly raising the overall recycled content of the chair.

JOY-01, JOY-02, JOY-03, JOY-04, JOY-05, JOY-06, JOY-07, JOY-08, JOY-09, JOY-10, JOY-11, JOY-12, JOY-13, JOY-14, JOY-15, JOY-16, JOY-17, JOY-18