Kardo Monitor Arm is a pole based system, which can mount single, dual, triple and quad screens on the users desk, with quick and easy installation, and no tools required.

Desk edge fixing is simple, using the provided hand-turn clamp. (An optional low profile mini-clamp is also available if required).

If obstructions above or below the desk prevent use of the clamp mount, a through desk fixing is also supplied.

Integrated cable management within the arm and pole keeps everything neat and tidy.

Kardo Monitor Arm can also be screen mounted on a suitable tool rail, (single monitor only).

For even greater flexibility, an inverted single arm is also available, which enables a previously purchased single arm kit, to be converted into a dual arm configuration.


PMA521, PMA522, PMA523, PMA524, PMSA521, PMAOI-521, NBT101, EP550, EP700, KMC1827