Kolo Duo Booth is a meeting space solution for the modern workspace, offering you instant privacy for meetings without noise or distraction.

It accommodates 2-4 people and can be transformed into a meeting room, workstation or private space to share sensitive conversations.

Set the mood with adjustable lighting – the LED lights are dimmable from 1900 lumens and the colour temperature can be controlled from a range of 2700-6500K, (from warm to cool white).

Kolo Duo Booth has powered airflow that keeps the space comfortably ventilated – the ventilation fan has a controlled airflow of 104 litres / second for Kolo Duo.

A choice of optional power and data modules ensures your portable devices can remain powered and connected during meetings.

Why invest in fixed, inflexible partitioned meeting rooms, when Kolo Duo Booth gives your team the opportunity to pop in for focused work, a one-on-one, or even a meeting with up to four people in a controlled, secluded environment.

Step inside for a productive discussion away from the noise and distraction of todays open-plan workspaces.

A single user acoustic booth is also available in the Kolo range, Kolo Phone Booth.