The Lima Monitor Arm is easy to install and adjust as either a single or dual screen solution offering flexibility and enhanced functionality for your workspace.

Adding another monitor is quick and easy to do, just order another extension arm, and then you can slide it directly on to the post. No tools, and no need to remove the existing arm, screen and cables.

When using Lima in a dual screen configuration having a separate arm for each screen gives you unrivalled levels of adjustment. From screen height, distance and angle, the Lima Monitor Arm has the flexibility to adjust your screen technology to your personal requirements and that of the task at hand.

The post and clamp come in one piece, which attaches to the desk using a thumbwheel screw, and the arm then slides into the grooves on the post. And all you need to attach your screen to the VESA mount is a screwdriver.

The Lima Monitor Arm head offers the ability to tilt the screen up to 80⁰ back or 10⁰ forward, helping you to set the screen to your unique specifications.

With the press of a button, Lima Monitor Arm allows you to move a screen up or down to the ideal height and if you’re working with dual screens, you can move each one independently.

Lima Monitor Arm – Installation Sheet

LMA/001/001, LMA/001/002