Loop CPU holder, with its durable, adjustable strap and base made of high-quality engineering plastics, is a compact yet robust solution for under desk CPU support.

The webbing strap is easily tightened by the integral ratchet mechanism, allowing a wide range of adjustment, which enables it to accommodate the vast majority of desktop CPU’s.

Loop CPU Holder provides users with a space-saving solution to keep the CPU off the floor, away from potentially damaging dust particles and impacts from vacuum cleaners.

The mount is constructed from glass and nylon, for immense strength, which quickly and easily attaches to one of the three under desk brackets, which enables the CPU to slide and rotate, for easy access to all ports.

Thanks to its minimalist design, Loop CPU Holder comprises of few component parts, which makes it ideal for shipping and storage, as it is supplied in a compact box, to minimise delivery costs and waste packing materials.

For thin clients, or compact CPU’s, see the Loop Micro Thin Client Mount which offers similar functionality for compact CPU’s and devices.

CPU/012, UNI/ROT, UNI/SR350, UNI/SR520