Meeting Box is a wooden framed and fabric wrapped pod, with a soft looking appearance, a clean linear design, and an efficient footprint to maximise working space.

All units come fitted with lighting and power as standard, and can be supplied individually, or alternatively as a meeting bank to fill a wall or to occupy a central room space.

Constructed with high quality upholstery fabrics and materials, it is fully customisable and can be supplied as either a meeting room or individual office space.

Meeting Box can be supplied in a number of configurations:
Open – Fully open front and rear, with integrated seating and free-standing table
Part Enclosed – Upholstered rear wall, with integrated seating and table
Fully enclosed – Upholstered rear wall, glazed front wall,  glass door, integrated seating and table
Private Office – Glass front and rear walls, doorway in side wall, optional desk

Standard exterior colourways include Aztec, Cobalt and Tawny, although the Meeting Box can be customised with your own colour choices if required.

Other products in the Box family include the Container Box.

Private Office(Enclosed), Fully Enclosed, Part Enclosed, Open