Mono Meeting Tables are a range of design driven pedestal base tables, a re-imagined retro piece of the workplace; both stylish and functional, a true statement of agile working.

The dining height tables are available with circular or square tops and the poseur tables with circular tops in a wide variety of finishes.

Mono Meeting Tables are all available in a range of sizes, supplied with or without power, as required.

The Solo power unit is available in black or white, with 1 x UK power & 1x Twin USB Charging sockets.

Mono Meeting Tables have a central leg, available with a Raw Steel or RAL colour finish, which maximises leg-room for those seated at the table.

For larger meetings take a look at the Mono Giant Table.

MPT/*/66M*, MPT/*/88M*, MPT/*/66CL*, MPT/*/88CL*, MPTP/*/66M*, MPTP/*/88M*, MPTP/*/66DCL*, MPTP/*/88DCL*, MPT/*/6DM*, MPT/*/8DM*, MPT/*/9DM*, MPT/*/10DM*, MPT/*/12DM*, MPT/*/6DCL*, MPT/*/8DCL*, MPT/*/9DCL*, MPT/*/10DCL*, MPT/*/12DCL*, MPTP/*/6DM*, MPTP/*/8DM*, MPTP/*/9DM*, MPTP/*/10DM*, MPTP/*/12DM*, MPTP/*/6DCL*, MPTP/*/8DCL*, MPTP/*/9DCL*, MPTP/*/10DCL*, MPTP/*/12DCL*, MPPT/*/6DM*, MPPT/*/8DM*, MPPT/*/6DCL*, MPPT/*/8DCL*, MPPTP/*/6DM*, MPPTP/*/8DM*, MPPTP/*/6DCL*, MPPTP/*/8DCL*