Novus Modular Shelving is a multi-functional zoning system forged from a steel frame and enhanced with beautiful wooden elements, ideal for partitioning areas within the office without losing the open plan feel.

The simplicity of Novus’ sleek, clean lines disguises its robust, steel construction. The intrinsic strength allows greater creative freedom for designing distinctive, customised spaces within the open plan workplace.

This range is inspired by the need for flexible working environments, resulting in a workspace that nurtures creativity, collaboration, productivity and overall well-being.

Designed as a modular, interchangeable solution, Novus Modular Shelving is built around a central spine allowing components to link together to form unique settings reflecting the diversity of different business practices.

Each free standing unit can be specified up to 2.16 metres tall to create ‘room within room’ environments with wooden and acoustic panels adding privacy as required.

The steel construction of the Novus range can be built piece by piece to create your perfect configuration. First choose your Starter bay, then Add-on and Corner bays as required, finishing with your End bay.