Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount adds additional displays to the desktop, with screens in landscape or portrait orientation. Mounted on the Ollin Monitor Arm, the clamp mechanism secures laptops up to 16″, (max weight 2.8kg), or tablets from 9.7″ to 13″.

The display height of laptops and tablets can be raised in line with your natural eye line, thereby improving posture and comfort, whilst also freeing valuable desk space.

The mount can be used as a single screen setup, or in conjunction with an additional monitor of up to 27″, to create a dual screen configuration, to maximise user comfort and productivity.

It also features integrated cable management channels, which reduce clutter on the desk, whilst keeping everything neat and tidy.

Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount encourages good posture and improves workstation ergonomics. When used in conjunction with a separate mouse and keyboard, it reduces neck and back strain, thereby improving comfort when used over long periods of time.

A 12-year manufacturers warranty ensures longevity of use, but once it has finally come to the end of its useful life, the mount can be dismantled into various recyclable components.