Orthopaedica 100 Series Back Care Chair provides the user with an excellent level of postural support.

The gently sculptured seat and back cushions, plus an extensive range of adjustments, make it an ideal choice for anyone experiencing back problems.

The chair features a wider backrest for a more encompassing and cosseting feel, with the upholstered outer shell creating a softer aesthetic.

Standard features include an independently height adjustable backrest, a fully synchronised or independent mechanism, (depending on chosen model), a choice of height adjustable or fold down arms, and a headrest.

Optional upgrades to further enhance adjustability and comfort include, inflatable lumbar support, inflatable thoracic support, 50mm seat depth adjustment, AirTech seat, coccyx cut-out, and multi-function arms.

Upholstery options are extensive and include fabric ranges from most major fabric manufacturers.

At the end of its useful life, the Orthopaedica 100 Series Back Care Chair is 99% recyclable.

Other models within the Orthopaedica Chair range include: Orthopaedica 90 Series, Orthopaedica 200 Series, Orthopaedica 300 Series.

Additional information, plus an Overview of Orthopaedica Chairs is also available.

 OC104, OC104HA, OC104FDA, OC107, OC107HA, OC107FDA, OC114, OC114HA, OC114FDA, OC117, OC117HA, OC117FDA