Palisades Luxe Zone Divider is a modular, customisable zoning system, with a rich, sophisticated appearance.

It defines spaces within open plan areas, whilst providing a storage and display solution, which can be easily reconfigured as workplace requirements change.

Agile workspaces are becoming dynamic, multi-functional environments, that have to provide the appropriate combination of private and shared spaces.

Palisades Luxe enables simple, yet attractive division of space, into defined areas, without the need to construct traditional walls.

It features rich, luxe tones, which project an aura of warmth and serenity, which together with its exclusive accessory range, and 5 new luxe finishes, enables creation of a customised statement piece.

Palisades Luxe accessories include: a mirror, open alcove, alcove with back or a shelf, in a choice of 5 RAL colours.

Other ranges from the Palisades family include Palisades Wood Zone Divider and Palisades ll Zone Divider.

GD1, GD2, GD3, GD4, GD5, SHF, AVO, AVB, MIR,