Path Task Chair has a weight responsive mechanism, providing a custom fit chair that moves completely in sync with the user, with automatic support whether sitting upright or reclining.

As you sit, the mechanism engages, when you recline, it gently lifts, so your body becomes the counterbalance to the chair, and is firmly supported wherever it stops.

It has a softly rounded and minimal silhouette with an ergonomic and eco-conscious design.

Path Task Chair is truly for our environment.

  • It upcycles more plastic waste than any other chair (each chair contains almost ten pounds of ocean plastic).
  • Containing nearly 22 pounds of recycled material, including fishing nets from the ocean, which is the most harmful form of pollution to our marine ecosystems.
  • The yarn is made with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from upcycled plastic bottles.
  • Free of Red List Chemicals, chemicals and elements that are hazardous to humans and our environment.
  • Streamlined support adjusts automatically for each unique user, no excess parts, making it better for the environment.

The chair is available in a variety of fabrics, chrome free leather and FormSense Eco Knit™ (a mesh-like textile that conforms to the body,  providing self-adjusted lumbar support and a tailored fit to every user, regardless of their height or weight).

The Path Task Chair stitching is individually controlled, creating intricate and systematic patterns with target zones of tension that results in a beautifully responsive experience.

Other task chairs from this manufacturer includes the Diffrient Task Chair, Freedom Task Chair and Liberty Task Chair.