Peacework Booths feature an integrated work surface, and are ideal for informal meetings within an open plan office space.

Their construction incorporates lightweight PET/Felt materials derived from post-consumer waste sources.

Peacework Booths are available in 2 seater, 4 seater or 6 seater configuration, all with an integrated table, a Scandinavian inspired oak base, and a double-sided acoustic felt surround, which absorbs external noise and controls reverberation, helping to create a calm and distraction-free space for the occupants.

The integral seating features sprung seats for comport, combined with steel and ply construction for durability.

The central table can be specified with a laminate top in white, grey, black or woodgrain finishes.

All the booths are supported on elegant solid oak legs, which are complemented by a black oak collar, to match the black aluminium trim used on the booth structure.

Upholstery options for the seat cushions are extensive, but the PET felt used on the surround panels is available in grey only.

Also available as single seat, two seater, three seater or single seat console, Peacework Sofas, perfectly complement this booth range.