The Pearl Desktop Power and Data Module has been introduced to suit the changing needs of the commercial office environment.

It features white endcaps and fascias in a white body, to reflect the predominant colour scheme of contemporary furniture and takes up minimal space on the desk.

The Pearl Desktop Power and Data Module has been designed to allow soft power cabling, soft data cabling and soft fixing onsite.

It also features a front mount half-gang fascia which, can not only be factory fitted with data or AV connectors but also, allows for faster; simpler and more cost effective addition/removal/change of data onsite.

The Pearl Desktop Power and Data Module provides a total solution for power and data connectivity at the workstation, used in conjunction with underdesk units and appropriate cable management components.

3.15A/5A, 2464024/2486576, 2465212/2486583, 2465229/2486590, 2486798/2486811, 2465953/2486514, 2465960/2486521, 2465977/2486538, 2486804/2486828, 2465984/2486545, 2465991/2486552, 2486507/2486569, 2486835/2486859, 2464291/2486613, 2464437/2486620, 2464314/2486637, 2486842/2486866, 2465656/2486644, 2464338/2486651, 2486606/2486668, 2486873/2486897, 2465892/2486705, 2465267/2486712, 2465885/2486729, 2486880/2486903, 2486675/2486736, 2486682/2486743, 2486699/2486750