PhoneAlone Meeting Booth provides a secluded space for up to four people, to work, meet, collaborate or socialise.

It includes an integrated meeting table, which is rail-mounted, so can be slid to one side or positioned centrally.

The booth is fitted with a movement activated air circulation system, to ensure comfort for the users.

The motion sensor also activates the integral LED lighting to ensure adequate illumination during meetings.

PhoneAlone Meeting booth is also equipped with power sockets, USB charging and a data port, to ensure devices remain powered, charged and connected during meetings.

Optional AV connectivity is also available if required, for online meetings.

The booth is lined with with sound absorbing, fire retardant foam and felt, helping to reduce noise levels, thereby minimising disturbances, and aiding concentration.

Phonealone Meeting Booth is available in four exterior colours: white, anthracite, grey with light oak side panels, or black with wooden slats.

Other products in the PhoneAlone family include PhoneAlone Phone Booth and PhoneAlone Double Booth.