Pixel Power Module is a compact unit enabling a single power socket, plus optional AV or data outlets to be mounted on the desk surface, or within panelled sections of soft furnishings.

It meets the ever-increasing need for connectivity in breakout or touch-down areas, but is equally at home in smaller meeting rooms, or hotel accommodation.

Pixel can be specified with UK fused or unfused sockets, or a wide selection of international power sockets.

Options for the twin ports for data or AV include Cat5e,Cat6, USB3.0 data, and HDMI.

Pixel is available with a black or white facia, finished with a surrounding trim ring in satin silver.

Other modules in the Pixel family include  Pixel TUF Desktop Power And Data Module and Pixel8 Power Module, which offers the same connectivity, with the same black or white facia, but with a choice of 8 colours for the bezel rings.

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