Poco Power Module provides power, data, AV and USB charging in a compact unit that mounts on the desk top either vertically or horizontally.

The slim extruded aluminium profile takes up minimal desk space, but can also be fitted to a screen or tool rail if required.

Innovative ‘soft cabling’ of the module enables reconfiguration on site, if requirements change in the future.

This includes a front mount half-gang fascia which can be fitted with data or AV connectors at the factory, but also, allows for faster, simpler, and more cost-effective reconfiguration of data or AV connectivity on site.

Poco Power Module provides an ideal solution on tables or desks, and is perfect when used in conjunction with under-desk modules and cable management components.

Similar design features are available in the Pearl Power Module which has a white aluminium body with white socket fascias and end caps.

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