Podium Power Module provides a sleek, low profile power solution for workstations, public and private areas where mains power outlets, USB charging, data and AV connectivity are required.

Made from extruded aluminium with a brushed aluminium fascia, the Podium Power Module is built to last.

With a combination of style and function, the “floating” faceplate design not only gives it a unique and elegant look, but also protects the power sockets from liquid spillage.

Podium Power Module is available in 2 and 4 socket versions which can be configured with a wide choice of outlets.

It is available with a brushed stainless steel top plate with black socket fascias, or powder coated matt white top plate with grey sockets fascias, or powder coated black top plate with black socket fascias.

2410045,2410052,2410036,2410083,2410113,2410144,2410175, 2410342, 2410366