Polly Soft Seating provides a variety of seating options, all with comfortable seating positions and high quality upholstery details.

The range is comprised of low or high back armchair, two seat sofa, three seat sofa and two, four or six seater meeting dens.

Polly Soft Seating dens allow private concentration, offering excellent collaboration spaces for 2 to 6 people.

The Den units allow the integration of more technology with TV screens for small group presentation and power and data connectivity.

Other soft seating ranges from this manufacturer includes Georgia Soft Seating and Libby Soft Seating.

1 seat low, 2 seat low, 3 seat low, 2 seat mid, 3 seat mid, 1 seat high, 2 seat high, 3 seat high, 2 seat low den, 2 seat high den, 4 seat low den, 4 seat high den, 6 seat low den, 6 seat high den,