Portals Work Pod is a range of single-user, productive spaces, catering for a variety of individual working styles, enabling users to retain a connection to their work colleagues, whilst providing them with seclusion to focus on more complex tasks.

Recognising the need for adaptability, Portals Work Pod is flexible by design, so it can be reconfigured as the office evolves to meet future needs.

With a wide range of sizes, it meets the needs of many users, performing a variety of tasks, providing everything from small touchdown perches, to larger desks, and options for wheelchair users.

Exterior panels of Portals Work Pod are available with MFC cladding as standard, (a ply or laminate option is also available), with interior panels and seating specified in a wide range of fabric colours and textures.

A glass door is available on some variants of the module, or can be retro-fitted, to several versions of the pod, to provide even greater levels of seclusion.

Rear panels of Portals Work Pod can be upholstered to match the interior panels, or can have a graphic such as a company logo applied.

A power module and integral spotlights are included within the pod as standard.

Portals Work Pod is suitable for installing on raised-access floor, carpet or concrete floors.