Powertower Module is an in-surface solution which provides power, A/V, data, and USB charging, and is designed to be stowed away below the surface when not in use.

When needed, the module simply pulls-up from the work surface, to reveal the chosen configuration of outlets, and can be lowered when no longer needed.

If required, the Powertower Module can be specified with a variety of international power sockets, including Schuko, French/Belgian, and Swiss..

The cap of the Powertower includes a finger-pull for raising and lowering the module.

The bezel is secured within a cut-out in the work surface, and functions as a guide for the module, and the attached cables.

Powertower is fitted with an 800mm hardwired lead to a Wieland GST connector, for use in conjunction with mains starter leads of various lengths, which are available separately.