Premium Cable Basket provides a simple solution for under-desk cable management, and is available in a range of sizes.

It simply attaches underneath the desk or table using the supplied mounting brackets, and routes power and data cables neatly below the surface, keeping them neat, tidy and off the floor.

Premium Cable Basket width is 150mm and basket height is 85mm, so it has ample capacity in most circumstances.

It is available in silver grey or white, with black hanging brackets, in a range of lengths, starting at 1000mm and increasing in 200mm increments, up to 1800mm.

Construction of the cable basket is mild steel, with a durable nylon coating in the chosen colour.

650756, 650757, 650758, 650759, 650760, 650761, 650762, 650763, 650764, 650765, 650128