Pure Desks and Workstations have been designed to offer a competitive alternative to the iBench bench desk range.

Pure Desks and Workstations are available in a choice of 15 board finishes, with the option of a two tone design.

This allows any desk top finish, with white, silver or black modesty panel and trim.

Pure Desks and Workstations incorporate a 50mm post leg design, which offers a modern bench style appeal, with a competitive cost advantage.

Cable management on Pure Desking, is available in the form of individual cable trays, which locate on the inside of the modesty panel.

Included in the Pure Desk and Workstation range, is a combination desk and pedestal design, to cater for the demands of a competitive market place.

The Pure range allows for coloured facias on pedestals and storage units, if required.

This gives an added visual impact to your office environment, with the flexibility to choose from 15 MFC board finishes.

>> Pure Desks & Workstations Finishes

PVDU8, PVDU10, PVDU12, PVDU14, PVDU16, PVDU1630, PVDU8-6, PVDU10-6, PVDU12-6, PVDU14-6, PVDU16-6, PVDU1230-6, PDW12, PDW14, PDW16, PDW12-6, PDW14-6, PDW16-6, PSEG38, PSEG36, PUN14, PUN16, PSPWD20, PCS18(cpu), PCS38, PRU8, PRU10, PRW10, PCVDU12-6, PCVDU14-6, PCVDU16-6, PCVDU18-6, PCVDU12, PCVDU14, PCVDU16, PCVDU18, PCW12, PCW14, PCW16, PCW18, PCSPW14, PCSPW16, PCSEG36, PCEL12FB, PCEL12LR, PCEL16FB, PCEL16LR, PCONL-6, PCONL, PTD-6, PTD