Pure Desks And Workstations are available in an extensive range of sizes, shapes and finishes, which offer a competitive alternative to the iBench bench desk range.

They are available in a selection of eighteen top finishes, with a choice of three trim colours, which applies to the frame, modesty panel and cable port covers.

Pure Desks and Workstations incorporate a 50mm post leg, which provides a modern bench style appearance combined with a competitive price point.

Cable management on Pure Desking is available in the form of individual cable trays, which locate on the inside of the modesty panel.

Pure Desk and Workstation range includes a combination desk with integrated pedestal, to reduce the number of components required, which is reflected in the cost.

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PVDU8, PVDU10, PVDU12, PVDU14, PVDU16, PVDU1630, PVDU8-6, PVDU10-6, PVDU12-6, PVDU14-6, PVDU16-6, PVDU1230-6, PDW12, PDW14, PDW16, PDW12-6, PDW14-6, PDW16-6, PSEG38, PSEG36, PUN14, PUN16, PSPWD20, PCS18(cpu), PCS38, PRU8, PRU10, PRW10, PCVDU12-6, PCVDU14-6, PCVDU16-6, PCVDU18-6, PCVDU12, PCVDU14, PCVDU16, PCVDU18, PCW12, PCW14, PCW16, PCW18, PCSPW14, PCSPW16, PCSEG36, PCEL12FB, PCEL12LR, PCEL16FB, PCEL16LR, PCONL-6, PCONL, PTD-6, PTD