Puzzle Acoustic Panels have been designed to help you create task-related zones within open-plan spaces.

Puzzle Acoustic Panels, hanging at regular intervals can help to break up sound waves across an office, reception or café area.

When hung in front of glass screens, these panels can decrease reverberation in-office meeting spaces.

Puzzle Acoustic Panels can be installed on a gliding track system, giving you the opportunity to divide larger spaces into smaller private work areas as the needs arise.

With 6 designs to choose from, (circles & squares, triangles and the botanical collection, which includes wisteria, bamboo, wildflowers and allium and a selection of 15 colours (10 standard foam colours 10mm thick and 5 special foam colours 12mm thick), Puzzle Acoustic Panels give you the flexibility to create spaces visually colourful and exciting with acoustic privacy easily.

Available in two sizes: – 2000mm x 700mm | 2400mm x 700mm.